Contact Numbers & Emails

Vendor Information – Ed Gaffney

Raffle Items – Pam Denney

Dart Tournament – Jim Lawlor

Parade Information – Sean Hennessy

Pageant Information РKathy Chisholm Crowell

Ancient Order of Hibernians – Sean Hennessy

Entertainment – Sean Hennessey

Children’s Room – Heidi Sourwine

General Information: Patti Shaughnessy

Executive Board Officers

Chairpersons: David Missert, Jr.
Patti Shaughnessy
Patty Strife
Treasurer: Mary Ann Bartelson
Secretary: Shanie Strife

Executive Board of Directors:
Nelson Eddy
Sean Hennessey
Pat Keogh
David Missert, Sr.
Bill Archer
Esther Reape
Bill Scott
Kevin Shaughnessy
Tom Bartelson
Dick Gaffney

Committee Chairman:
Bill & Sue Scott – Bars
Tom Bartelson – Food
Mary Rose Warneck – Scholarship
Pam Denney – Raffle Items
Patty Strife РMarketing
Kathy Crowell – Pageant
Heidi Sourwine – Children’s Room
Sean Hennessey – Parade
Sean Hennessy – Entertainment & Donegal Beard Contest
James Lawlor – Dart Tournament
Larry & Patty Littell – Tea Room
Esther Reape – Souvenirs
Darrel Main & Ed Gaffney – Vendors
Kevin Shaughnessy & Lanse Denney – Set Up
Mark & Lori O’Connell – Decorating
Jean Davis – Pizza Booth
Nalene Muldovan & Catharine Stevers – Admissions
Terry & Terry Phillips – Cotton Candy
Margaret Schelle – Menu, Food, & Kitchen
MaryAnn Bartelson – Office